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High-Quality Hearing Aids

The Signs of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is a natural sign of aging, and there are common indicators that you are experiencing this condition. You may have noticed that it seems like people are mumbling or whispering when they talk. Your loved ones might have mentioned that you turn the television up too loud.


Sometimes you may be able to hear people but not understand what they’re saying. This is a result of your ears not being able to detect high pitches, which carry important pieces of words.

Hearing Aid in Alabama

What to Expect

While these helpful devices cannot fully restore your hearing, they can greatly improve it. Hearing aids amplify sound that your natural ears can no longer detect. This restores your ability to enjoy many activities that may have seemed lost forever, including going to the movies, enjoying your favorite song and connecting with your friends and family. 

The Brands We Carry

Our audiologists work with the most reputable hearing aid manufactures. Which brand of hearing aid recommended will be dependent on your specific hearing loss and the best current options. Many companies make hearing instruments and each company produces several models, which encompass different levels of technology. Our Audiologists are experienced in selecting the most appropriate option based on your level of hearing loss and lifestyle. If you or a loved one has made the decisions to have your hearing checked, we urge you to see an experienced professional to get honest, knowledgeable answers to your hearing healthcare questions.

Our Experienced Assistance

Don’t live with hearing loss. At Birmingham Hearing & Balance Center, we have provided hearing devices for Birmingham, Alabama, for nearly 30 years. In that time, we have helped thousands of people improve their quality of life. Call today to start the path to better hearing.