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Professional Hearing Loss Treatments

Professional Hearing Loss Treatment in Alabama

How We Hear

Your ears are intricately designed instruments. As a result of this, it is extremely easy for them to sustain damage. The outer, middle and inner ear are all structured to process sound and transmit that information to the auditory centers in the brain. If any of these components are impaired, the entire process can be compromised. If you have noticed a decrease in your hearing, please allow us to evaluate you.

The Common Causes

Among the most common is a natural decrease in acuity of the hearing nerve as we age. Excessive noise exposure is another common factor in hearing nerve impairment. Genetics can often play a role in the health of the hearing mechanism as well.


The sound conducting mechanism can be impaired by ear canal occlusion (wax), problems with the eardrum or the ossicles (hearing bones that conduct sound to the hearing nerve). Ear infection, tumors, trauma or other diseases of the ear may be present. A complete ear evaluation will determine your problem and guide treatment.

Devices That Improve Hearing

Bone Anchored Hearing Aid - BAHA
Cochlear Implantation


Myringotomy with Tube
Repair of Hole in Ear Drum (Tympanoplasty)
Clear Chronic Ear Infection

Ossicular Reconstruction
(Hearing Bones)
Removal of Cholesteatoma (Skin Cyst)

Stapedectomy (removal of stirrup bone when frozen from Otosclerosis)
Removal of Ear Tumors (glomus tumors, acoustic neuromas)

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